Transition Plan

Tasks Completed During Transition

Need Professional Security Transition Planning?

While requirements vary by client, the following is a general list of tasks completed by Colonial Security Services during your company’s security transition.

1 to 7 Days: Identify staffing requirements. This includes current staffing reviews, discussion of compensation and benefits, and analysis of on-site conditions and performance deficiencies. During this period, the Colonial team begins to develop a one-year security plan.

8 to 14 Days: Implement recruitment plan, review existing officers and hire for vacated positions.

15 to 21 Days: Select officers and conduct background/medical investigations. Inform officers of Colonial Security Service expectations.

22 to 28 Days: Implement training criteria and formulate site-specific training program.

29 to 30 Days: On-the-job training and start dates.

31 to 37 Days: Adjustments to security programs (personnel, paperwork, standard operating procedures). Determine benchmarking criteria. Develop tests on standard operating procedures for new recruits.

38 to 60 Days: Complete benchmarking process and security plan.

61 Days to 3 Years: Stay the course of the plan, and continue with quality benchmarking and necessary adjustments.