Colonial Security Services: Training

Need Onsite Professionals with Advanced Security Guard Training?

Before working at your facility, Colonial Security Services’ guards undergo classroom and on-the-job training. To assure client satisfaction, guards are tested on this site-specific information, confirming their understanding of requirements and affirming their ability to perform on-site duties. This assures that guards are informed of all contractual requirements as they pertain to services promised and duties mandated.

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What to Expect

Our Training Services

To assure consistent service, Colonial Security has established a monthly training program that informs, inspires and instructs officers using timely training bulletins. These training bulletins provide the latest information, techniques, and tips that improve skills and motivate performance.

In addition to teaching security personnel the culture, standards and ethics of our company, Colonial Security Services training covers:

  • Professional conduct and interpersonal relationships with our clients’ employees and visitors

  • Access control procedures

  • Monitoring of emergency systems and alarms

  • Site patrol and observation methods

  • Report writing

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Emergency communication procedures with police and others

Because of this comprehensive training, Colonial Security clients receive industry-leading service both on- and off-site.

Guard Selection

Guard selection consists of:

  • Developing selection criteria and standards based upon business organization, environment and site-specific requirements

  • Developing screening methods to attract the most qualified candidates. When appropriate, candidates with prior military or related experience will be sought.

  • Selecting candidates based upon clear criminal and drug testing background checks.