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Ensuring Quality with Supervision & Backup

Searching for a Security Guard Management Company with Over 30 Years of Experience?

Colonial Security Supervisors monitor the performance of officers on duty, and are directly responsible for maintaining our company’s superior quality standards through bi-weekly inspections and rigorous protocols.They visit every assignment during irregular intervals (day and night), assuring uninterrupted officer protection. For the convenience of our clients, Colonial Security Supervisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our 24-hour dispatch system.

Steven Cozzi – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Cozzi assumed the day to day operations of Colonial Security in 2012 upon his retirement from a Command position with the New Jersey State Police after a 28 year career. It was during this time Mr. Cozzi was able to transform Colonial into the highly successful Security Company that it is today. Utilizing his “lead from the front” experiences garnered from the FBI National Academy, Mr. Cozzi incorporates this leadership style when working with his staff to deliver favorable results when faced with fast-paced, complex, high stressed situations. With a Master’s Degree from Seton Hall University, Mr. Cozzi is an outstanding communicator with dynamic interpersonal skills that enables seamless interaction with his staff and clients. Mr. Cozzi is an expert presenter, negotiator and businessperson with the ability to build consensus across multiple levels and exceeds organization objectives.

James Westgate – General Manager

Mr. Westgate has worked in the security industry for the past 30 years. Mr. Westgate is a highly respected manager with repeated success guiding our large workforce, leading-edge solutions and possesses expertise in business development and operations management. Although he has been in an executive position for the past 7 years, Mr. Westgate started his career as a front line Security Guard with firms such as the New York Stock Exchange, Wells Fargo and multiple federal facilities. As a result, Mr. Westgate has the institutional knowledge of every facet of the security guard profession. Including but not limited to asset protection, access control and vulnerability assessment and solutions. Mr. Westgate is a major contributor to the success of Colonial through his vision for the future, work ethic and a compassion for the return of our client’s investments.

Maria Perez – Regional Manager

Ms. Perez has served in management roles for national security firms over the past two decades and has proven that she has the natural ability to oversee accounts with multiple hours. Ms. Perez brings to Colonial her expertise with our airport clients, our larger accounts and vetting our future employees. Ms. Perez builds teamwork, cooperation and consistency for all our employees and ensures our staff is fully trained and thoroughly knowledgeable of all post orders, operation logs and our policies and procedures. But what sets Ms. Perez apart from her contemporaries is the ease in which she motivates our employees to perform to the Colonial standard. Ms. Perez leads by example and instills pride and professionalism into our workforce.

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Breakdown of Responsibilities

Supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing guard work

  • Ensuring guard compliance with firm policies and procedures

  • Defining and implementing process changes to increase client satisfaction

  • Communicating directly with property managers regarding special concerns and requests

  • Completing weekly inspection forms and submitting them to property managers for approval

  • Meeting with clients daily, as needed

Regional Manager responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with clients on weekly, monthly or requested basis

  • Reviewing weekly inspection forms and Supervisor reports

For the benefit of our clients, Colonial Security’s Regional Manager is in direct communication with Supervisors, and accounts are reviewed and scrutinized by our entire management team to assure the highest level of consistent service.

Partnering with Colonial Security

Clients always experience uninterrupted service when they partner with Colonial Security.

Should the need arise, Colonial Security has trained, backup security officers ready to respond to emergency staffing needs, vacation, or sick-time replacement.